About Stellas

It began with Stella's father, Gus Bouth who at the age of 14, immigrated from Greece to America.  As Gus traveled America, he discovered his talent for cooking.  During the next 40 years he honed his skills and became a restaurant entrepreneur.

The 1940's were years of patriotism, our men fighting WWII and our women working in the factories. Americans came together on the home from, showing love and support of our great country.  I was during this time that Gus opened his first restaurant in Oxnard, California, The Coney Island.  Although it was nothing fancy, sailors waited patiently in long lines to enjoy the hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade chili and fresh cut french fries.

Post WWII, circa 1949, Gus opened the 101 Ranch House.  Located on Pacific Coast Highway in Oxnard, California, it became a local hot spot, frequented by celebrities such as Joan Crawford, Eleanor Parker, Richard Burton, James Garner, Zachary Scott and Charles Laughton. Stella worked at the 101 Ranch House, graciously serving all who passed by and she became well known for her deliciou pies.

Fast forward to 1981, the year Stella decided to establish a place of her own.  It was the fond memories of the Coney Island, the 101 Ranch House and our father, Gus that provided the inspiration to recreate the foods of that wonderful era. In keeping with family tradition, and with her son, Chef Gus Scholle and her daughter, Christine Scholle, Stella created her landmark menu. Stella's success has come from offering great tasting food and using only the highet quality ingredients ehanced by her son's 'Super Spice'.  We invite you to enjoy our food from memories of the past in a warm and freindly atmosphere.